Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee

Theobjective Of The Academic Committee Is To Inspect The Academic Affairs Of Thecollege And Make Recommendation To The Principal Of The College About Academicprograms.  The Members Of The Committeemake Arrangement Of Meeting At Regular Basis To Develop The Ways And Means Toensure That The Quality Education And Teaching Learning Process Maintain Thehighest Priority.  This Committee Alsoexecutes Rules And Regulations Of All Academic Affairs Of The College As Perguidelines Of The Affiliating University And Higher Education Department, Govt.of West Bengal.  The Academic Committeeis Formed With The Following Members Under The Chairmanship Of The Principal Ofthe College.

Academic Affair Committee :-

1.     Principal  Of The College                                                        :    Chairman

2.     Bursar Of The College                                                             :    Member

3.     Teachers’ Representatives, GB                                                :    Member

4.     Coordinator, IQAC                                                                  :    Member

5.     Convener, NAAC Committee                                                  :    Member

6.     Secretary, Teachers Council                                                   :    Member

7.     Assistant Secretary, Teachers Council                                   :    Member

8.     All Heads Of  All AcademicDepartments                              :    Member

Functions Of The Academic Committee:

  1. Members Of Thecommittee Give Their Suggestions For Smooth Running Of The College In Academicaspect.
  2. To Review Theacademic And Other Related Activities Of The College.
  3. To Promote Researchand Extension Activities Of The College.
  4. Plan Formaintaining The Quality Of Education, Quality Improvement And Accreditation Ofthe College.
  5. To Encouragefaculty For Participating In Refreshers Courses, Orientation Programs, Seminars,conferences And Workshops Etc.
  6. To Encouragefaculty As Well As Students For Organizing Seminar, Conferences And Workshops.
  7. Take Decision Forenrichment Of The College Library And Laboratories.
  8. Take Decision Forgrowth And Overall Development Of The College.
  9. To Review TheCompletion Of The Entire Syllabus
  10. To Review Theallotted Classes Taken By The Faculty Members As Per Scheduled Class Routine.
  11. To Reviewstudent’s Attendance, Student’s Results/performance.
  12. Make Arrangementfor Feedback System From All Stakeholders Of The College.
  13. Take Decision Forinternal Examinations Pattern/system, Evaluation And Recording Of Marks.
  14. Make Arrangementfor Counseling Of Students And Take Necessary Action To The Students For      violating The College Rules.

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