Motto Of The College

The motto of our college is “???????????????????????????????” (“asato masadgamaytamaso ma jyotirgamay”) i.e. “lead us from untruth to truth and fromdarkness to light” which broadly encompasses our mission and vision.

Our Mission And Vision

  1. Empowering Women Through Higher Education.
  2. To Impart Quality Education To The Students.
  3. Educating Socially And Economically Backwardstudents Upon A Strong Foundation Of Secular, Humanitarian World View.
  4. To Transform The College Into A Modern Centre Oflearning By Keeping Up To The Contemporary Standard.
  5. To Develop All Round Personality Of The Studentsby Involving Them In Various Extra-curricular Programme.
  6. To Be Relevant To The Society As A Site Ofdeveloping And Nurturing Human Resource.
  7. To Bring About A Perceptible Transformation Inthe Society Through Women’s Empowerment And Generation Of Quality Humanresource.
  8. Zero Tolerance Against Any Form Ofdiscrimination Based On Religion, Caste Or Gender.
  9. To Assist The Students In Skill Developmentnecessary For Seeking Employment.
  10. Repaying The Debt To The Society.
  11. Instilling A Sense Of Gratitude And Indebtednessto The Institution.
  12. Developing Self-esteem And Respect For Others.

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