Studentsof the institution avail government sponsored different scholarships like SwamiVivekananda Merit cum Means, Kanyashree, Post Mtric Scholarship for SC, ST,OBC,and Aikyashree throughout their graduate session. Before 2019, the Aikyashreewas designated as Post Matric Talent Support for Minorities. Since 2019, theAikyashree also incorporated Talent Support Programme(TSP), SVMCM and PostMatric Scholarships. In the last four years (2016-2020), 1053 studentsbenefited from post Matric Scholarshiop for SC, ST, OBC; 247 students fromAikyashree; 101 students from SVMCM and 845 students from Kanyashree. Apartfrom this, our institution has also provided 28 Memorial Scholarships to themeritorious students in the last four years.

Scholarships andFinancial Assistance

  1. Studentsí Aid Fund
  2. Studentsí Union Fund
  3. Alumni Association (Financial Support)
  4. Teachersí Council (Financial Support)
  5. Earn While You Learn (EWYL)
  6. Kanyashree Prakalpa: This is a socialwelfare scheme designed by the Department of Women Development and SocialWelfare, Government of West Bengal to improve the status and well being of thegirl child in West Bengal by providing financial assistance at the school, UGand PG level.
  7. SC / ST / OBC Post Matric  Scholarship                 
  8. SwamiVivekananda Merit Cum-Mean Scholarship
  9. Minority Scholarship
  10. Talent Support Programme
  11. Rashtriya SanskritSansthan

Apart From The Above Scholarships The Following Endowments Are Also Provided :

Bandita Basak Smriti Puraskar

 (reintroducedfrom 2009-10)

Smt.NanditaBasak (in memory of her young sister, Smt Bandita Basak, Former Lecturerof the Department of Political Science, RGC)

 Thoseattaining highest marks in General Course among the economically backwardstudents

  01 No


Nivanani Sarkar SmritiPuraskar

(Introducedfrom 2009-10)


(inmemory of her mother)

 Thoseattending highest marks in History Honours in the University Final Examination.

 01 Nos


Dr. Dipali BhattacharyaSmritiPuraskar (Introduced from 2011-12)

 Dr.Tushar Kanti Bhattacharya

(inmemory of his wife, Former Reader, Department of Philosophy, RGC)

Thoseattending highest marks in

(i)Philosophy Honours in the University Final Examination

(ii)As a whole in the University Final Examination

 02 Nos


 Sri Chandan BardhanSmritiPuraskar

 (introducedfrom 2012-13)

Dr.Krishna Bardhan (Ghosh) , Former Principal, RGC

(inmemory of her husband)

Twosecond year student who are poor and meritorious

FromDept. of English

FromDept. of Physics,

(basedon their performance in the Part-I (Honours) Examination of The University ofBurdwan)



Sri Asim Kanjilal Smriti Puraskar


(introducedfrom 2017-18)


(inmemory of her husband Sri AsimKanjilal, one of the  founding members of the college)

Twostudents of the college who are poor and meritorious


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9 Scholarship File - 9
10 Scholarship File - 10
11 Scholarship File - 11
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14 Scholarship File - 14

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