Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness of Raniganj Girls' College

Respecting the motto of Raniganj Girls' College, "asato ma sad gamay tamaso ma jyotirgamay", the priority and thrust area for“Institutional Distinctiveness” was universally adopted as “Empowerment of Women”.

Empowering women through knowledge and education

Westrongly believe in the age old dictum that “Knowledge is Power”. Acquisition of knowledge leads to emancipation. This is more pertinent for us as ours is a women’s college. We visualize our students as active agents who work toward seradication of gender inequality in the society as they become empowered by acquisition of higher education. We are always conscious of the quality of education provided to the students. For this purpose, apart from the traditional methods of teaching and learning, different types of innovativemethods in teaching and learning have been adopted by the college like ICT enabled presentations, use of Smart Board, screening of films and documentaries, invited lectures, publication of the Departmental Wall Magazines, inter disciplinary seminars and workshops, theme based exhibition by different departments of the college, educational tours and so on. Another significant innovation inteaching is the unilateral hosting of the academic pursuits of students of department of Psychology of Durgapur Women’s College in our college.


Empowerment through financial assistance

Our objective is to enlighten the girl students from socially and economically backward sections of the society and ensure that financial disability is not aconstraint for the needy learner to pursue college education. Hence the college strives to provide different types of financial assistance, scholarships and endowments to the students or help in facilitating scholarships and financial assistance provided by the government and different non- governmental organizations.


Empowerment through co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities

We believe that education entails comprehensive development of the learners’personality. The learners are encouraged to participate in co-curricular,extra-curricular and extension activities like participating in seminars and workshops, group discussions, cultural programme, Sports, NSS, NCC, participate in educational tours and the like. The college also motivates the learners ofthe college to help the children of a nearby orphanage, Ananda Ashram,periodically. These activities play a significant role in developing the personality of the student, increase their self-esteem, built their confidence,make them socially aware of current burning issues in the society and practically empower them to handle the larger issues and problems of the society. They also develop a sense of gratitude and indebtedness to the institution and respect for the society.


Empowerment through skill development and rendering the learners employable

The college offers skill development courses in Beauty and Wellness, Nursing and Banking in collaboration with NSHM Udaan Skills Pvt. Ltd as a part of the Prime Minister’s National Skill Development Programme. These skill development courses are open to thelearners of the institution as well as women participants from neighbouringareas and institutions. These courses create off-campus employment opportunities for the beneficiaries or inspire them to become self-employed. The unique outcome is that the learners of our institution, girl students from neighbouring TDB College and women of the neighbour hood have immensely benefited from enrolling in these courses. This practice in itself distinguishes us from the rest.


Empowermentthrough Student Counselling and Career counselling

Thecollege creates a platform for student counselling through the mentoringsystem. The students can avail themselves of different opportunities in careercounselling that are arranged by the college authorities from time to time. Thestudents and their guardians also benefit from informal counselling with thePrincipal and the teachers on specific problems of early marriage and othersocial and sensitive issues.

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